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Private Voice and piano Instruction

Private Voice and piano Instruction

Private Voice and piano InstructionPrivate Voice and piano Instruction

Studio POlicies


My number one priority is helping others cultivate their love for music as well as develop their own musicianship through individual study and performance.  I take the teacher-student relationship very seriously and strive to be as flexible as possible, while still maintaining high standards for each student, being fair to all students, and taking my own family into account. Above all, I feel that communication is one of the most important aspects of a successful and positive experience for both teacher and student. In light of this, and in an effort to be consistent and transparent, you will find the most pertinent studio policies below: 

Rates and Payment

 Lesson tuition is $30 for a half-hour and $50 for an hour lesson.   I conference with my students on a month to month basis prior to each month.  If for some reason you are not available for a particular week during the month (vacation, holiday etc), you are not charged for that week.  Once the month has been reserved, tuition is due for the entire month on the first lesson of the month. If you have to cancel a lesson after that time, I do not give refunds, but do offer make-up lesson times.  Students will also be asked to purchase lesson materials as necessary. 

Studio Schedule

 Current studio hours are Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5:00-8:00pm and Saturday mornings from 8:00-12:00pm.  Students will reserve a recurring weekly lesson time and attendance is expected for each lesson.  Please contact me for current available lesson times. 


 Out of respect for Christen and her other students, please be as punctual as possible for lesson times. Because students are scheduled one after the other, a full lesson time cannot be guaranteed if a student arrives late to their lesson. If a student is not available to attend a scheduled lesson, please give as much notice as possible. If enough notice is given, students will be able to reschedule for an available lesson time within two weeks of the missed lesson. If the student does not make-up the lesson, the lesson rate will not be refunded.  If the student will be discontinuing lessons, one month’s notice is appreciated.


All students are invited to perform in two recitals each year, January and June. In order to be prepared for this event, students will need to attend all scheduled lessons and work with Christen on appropriate repertoire choices. In addition, students are required to attend a scheduled dress rehearsal before the performance. All pertinent information about the recital will be shared with families in a timely manner in advance of each recital. 


 Private study is most beneficial if there is a genuine commitment to practicing outside of the lesson time. Students will have the option of recording their lesson on a personal device to use it as a reference during the week. In general, students should practice a minimum of 30 minutes per day in a quiet space, free from distraction. The more time the student commits to practicing, the faster they will progress. 


 On occasion, pictures and videos will be taken for promotional purposes and for activities related to the studio. A child’s full name will never be used. It is expected that you notify Christen if you do not agree to having your child appear in a photograph or on a video as part of the studio.